What Solution Do YOU Need The Most?

Positive Changes happen everyday –
The Temecula Hypnosis Center
will show you how.


Lose Weight

Tired of the extra body weight? Clothes a bit snug? Do you often feel
uncomfortable, embarrassed or bummed out?

Even if you’ve failed before and given up hope…
you CAN lose weight!

Discover how hypnosis is your friend to slow down cravings,
stay focused and enhance your motivation to move forward
all the way to your goal!



Quit Smoking

Are you finally fed up with smoking or desperate to quit?
Have you tried pills,the gum, the patch and nothing worked?

Discover the easiest way to quit smoking: Hypnosis! 

Join the THOUSANDS of happy non-smokers who quit smoking with

Hypnosis! It may save your life.



Reduce Stress

Stress has many faces. Ever feel anxious and overwhelmed? Unmotivated,
down and stuck in a rut? Are you ready to feel calm fast?

Hypnosis can help you get a new perspective and
get your life on the smooth track of success.

At last, discover the inner peace you’ve been searching for,
that you deserve and get a handle on your life.


Yes You Can

Since 1986 we have helped thousands of individuals achieve their goals.

You are here right now at the right time for the right reason.

Want More Proof?

Read the success stories from our clients who just like you achieved their goals with hypnosis. Now imagine adding your success story … Okay, stop wasting time and call now! Everything you ever wanted really can be Ezaly Done!

Whether you will use our proprietary Ezaly Done hypnosis system to lose weight, quit smoking, handle stress, build confidence and motivation or any other goal to change your life, you begin your  first step right now by simply booking your hypnosis screening.

All your questions will be answered at the free screening.

Because programs are customized for each client, we absolutely cannot estimate prices over the phone or by email. You must attend a free screening. There’s no risk, no obligation. It only takes about 30 minutes of your time. If you’re really serious about solving your problem, you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to see if our Ezaly Done  hypnosis program is the answer you’ve been searching for.  Many of our clients are referred to us by other professionals after they have hit the proverbial brick wall. It happens and we quite often discover the solutions one needs to shift their lives dramatically in a positive way. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

See more client Success Stories >>>


Take a moment and discover how we can help you say, Yes I Can:

Improve Relationships
Eliminate Bad Habits
Banish Fears / Phobias
Stress / Anxiety Relief
Develop Confidence & Motivation
Success with Public Speaking
Stop Smoking
Lose Weight & Become Naturally Thin
Reduce and/or eliminate Stress
Control Pain
Banish Insomnia & SleepNow
Sports Motivation
Corporate Wellness Programs
Skype Consultations
Entertainment Services
Professional Hypnosis Training
much more!

Your Hypnotist, Don Spencer is the go to that media contacts when it needs answers and of course
for all your personal & professional needs.  

We say Yes You Can!

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