Our Iron Clad Service Guarantee To You


Results Are Important!

At the Temecula Hypnosis Center your success is important to us. Our work together for your success using hypnosis and various methodologies including personal coaching. This is also dependent upon your attitude, motivation, cooperation and follow through with sessions and homework deemed appropriate for your overall success. Because we realize that we are all unique and that human behavior can not be regulated, the Temecula Hypnosis Center makes the following personal guarantee to you, for our specialized educational programs:

For each full advanced program payment you will never be charged for any extra sessions. We are here to ensure your success. We also recognize that no 2 people are alike therefore the amount of time each person requires will be dependent upon that fact and will be determined during your initial FREE interview.

REMEMBER: After any initial program is completed, the Temecula Hypnosis Center will provide ongoing FREE reinforcement sessions per clients’ request (maximum 1x’s monthly) until time client is satisfied and his/her results are quantified.

Don Spencer
Director, Temecula Hypnosis Center