We provide professional consulting services to assist you in making positive changes quickly, easily and affordable.  Please consider us as friends working together for a common goal and a common purpose.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals and have breakthrough hypnosis programs designed to accelerate your results!

We utilize Hypnosis, NLP, Light & Sound, CES, Zyto Bio Communication,  Cold Laser, Nutrition and other technologies that ensure optimal results.

Another aspect we enjoy is our Nutritional Wellness program. It’s not always about hypnosis and what’s going on in your mind. Sometimes it’s what going on in your body so we take the time using a holistic approach because you are worth the effort! You get your car tuned up on a regular basis and now you care for your mind/body in the same way!

We will help you develop an individual wellness package that will get your mind and body restored so you can enjoy a life of freedom! I like it.

Yes, we offer a free 20 minute hypnosis screening phone call to make sure that what you want to accomplish and what we provide work together.  If we feel that you would be best served elsewhere we’ll let you know and give you a gift for contacting us!

Hypnosis is safe, comfortable and very relaxing!


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Hypnosis to Lose Weight
Hypnosis to Stop Smoking
Hypnosis to Reduce Stress
Hypnosis to Control Pain
Hypnosis for Phobias
Hypnosis for Motivation
Hypnosis for Confidence
Hypnosis for Insomnia
Hypnosis for Sports Improvement
Hypnosis for Public Speaking
Hypnosis for Regressions
so much more!!

We also provide Nutritional Coaching when you just keep eating the wrong things that stresses out your mind and your body. We’ll work together to feel wonderful once again 😉

hypnosis services

Build Better Relationshships

We can help restore your broken relationships and get you back on track.

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Become Naturally Thin / Wellness Programs


Overcome Insomnia

Stop tossing and turning. Let us teach your mind and body how to SleepNow™


Stop Smoking

We make stopping smoking easy for you. Call now while you are thinking about it.

Stop Smoking

Galaxy Light and Sound Technology

The Galaxy is a Powerful & POTENT mental tune-up machine, preferred by professional therapists, because of third generation programming and EASE of OPERATION.

Sound and music have been used for centuries in may cultures to elevate consciousness. Drums, chants and environmental sounds like wind and rain all provide strong, mental pictures and associations. With special Lite Frames over your closed eyes and headphones over your ears, you are immersed in colorful geometric patterns and entrancing sounds. We use our proprietary Digital Audio Tehnology (D.A.T.) to further enhance your experience!  

The light and sound pulse rate shifts from state to state as the session progresses, brain wave activity will follow the pulse rate of the machine and fall into synch with the changes.

Now you can relax almost instantly and sometimes quicker and will look forward to every session here at the Temecula Hypnosis Center.

Zyto Scan for Optimal Health


ZYTO is a personalized biofeedback system designed to measure the body’s state of homeostasis
 (Homeostasis is an organism maintaining a stable internal environment in response to changing external conditions. For example, when you get cold you shiver to produce more body heat. Or when you get hot, you start to sweat in order to cool off). 
Much disease results from disturbance of homeostasis, a condition known as homeostatic imbalance. As it ages, every organism will lose efficiency in its control systems. The inefficiencies gradually result in an unstable internal environment that increases the risk for illness. In addition, homeostatic imbalance is also responsible for the physical changes associated with aging.

The ZYTO technology uses Galvanic Skin Response or GSR, the same technology used for over a century in equipment such as the polygraph test. Much like the polygraph, the ZYTO sends stimuli to the body and measures the response. Everything on the planet has an electrical current. We are literally electrical beings in search of a recharge. Every electrical current is unique, like a fingerprint. A NASA scientist measured and identified the electrical current for 30,000 different energies — foods, bacteria, pesticides, you name it. These have been programmed into the ZYTO software which uses cutting edge technology from the principles of Information Theory and Quantum Physics to work with your body’s ability to respond to stimuli in order to gather data and decipher stressors that may be affecting it.

CES Ultra – Balance Your Brain

The CES Ultra is a medical device for the treatment of stress and stress-related disorders. It employs gentle electrical stimulation to the head (cranial electrical stimulation) to help normalize brain functioning.

The perfect tool for anxiety, stress, insomnia, PTSD, pain and much more.

Free yourself from the debilitating effects of depression, anxiety, and insomnia without drugs

  • Discover the Ultimate in Relaxation
  • Achieve Peace of Mind
  • Get the Restful Sleep You Deserve

We are great believers in holistic health!  Visit HempIOS for CBD oil to address a variety of issues including insomnia, pain, anxiety, stress and much more!





Entertainment services for your events!
Visit SleepNow™ Productions for details.


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