YOU Can Become Our Next SUCCESS STORY!


  • “Hi Don. I’m finally losing weight. 9 lbs. in a week and a half!” Laura (march 26, 2017)
  • “When I “hobbled” in your office all I knew was that I promised by grandkids I would stop smoking. You promised me you would help me to be successful. I kept a daily dairy before I saw you and was smoking 100 – 106 cigarettes a day! I am now smoke free. Thank you and my grand kids thank you.” Earl age 76
  • “My friends thought I was crazy. Hypnosis to lose weight? 43 pounds and burning fat by the minute. Now they follow me to class. They could have started when I did. Catch me if you can!” Sue


  • “This morning I weigh ten pounds less than I weighed two days after the weight loss program you put on. I feel good. Today, I met my one month weight goal!” Sincerely, Lorrie
  • “I want to update you on my progress. I am finally not 235 and actually at 198 lbs. I’ve released 37 lbs! I’m going to make minus 40 pounds before my anniversary on the 14th.  Joyce
  • I am so happy with my progress and I stay motivated and am determined to see this to the end. I look back on my progress and can’t believe I’m 38 pounds down since April. I am so glad I found you; it’s one of the best things I have ever done for myself!”   Take care, Sherry…..


  • “I am learning more each day how to use the tools you have provided me to continue on this journey of being tobacco free. It’s funny how your mind is programmed sometimes. I realized I have been smoking cigarettes longer than anything in my life, except breathing. Starting to notice new things, like how some foods now taste, how I can smell things better (sometimes the smell is worse,LOL), how my breathing is better and sinus problems are diminishing. I am free!!! My father has been free for one year now. He is 83 years old and started smoking at age 12! So if he can quit anyone can.” Terri
  • “I have been in Berlin for a while receiving some high level Buddhist teachings. It was an amazing experience. During much of my time there, I had little control of my food choices and major restraints on my time for exercise. The event I was attending hired a local caterer to provide vegetarian meals. I suspect the catered had little knowledge regarding vegetarian cooking. To me, it was WAY TOO MANY carbs and fat – lots and lots and lots of ways to cook potatoes with rich sauces. Delicious but…. Apparently, it was very “authentic”. One gentleman I had dinner with grew up in the region and said the food reminded him of his mother’s cooking. Anyway, thanks to your training, I was able to really savor the meals, eat slowly, and eat only as much as my body needed. I was surprised to find that when I returned home, I had lost two pounds. I continue on the downward trend. According to my scale I weigh 136. That would be about 134 on your scale. That would be one pound UNDER my goal. Since this was so easy, I have moved the goal out 5 more pounds. No problem. I just need to keep following the principles, the changes I learned.
    Thanks for the work you do. Best Regards, Diane”


  • “Remember the fellow that sat to my left? He has lost fifteen pounds. That’s 15 pounds in 3 weeks!!” Joan
  • “Thanks for your help. I’m down 59 pounds and I now enjoy exercising and have changed the way I think about food.” Ramona
  • “I was skeptical at first. I smoked 2 packs a day for over 30 years. Now I don’t. Call now before it’s too late.” Donna
  • Hi Don, I haven’t touched soda of any kind since March. I won’t even drink rum and coke…lol… only rum and o.j. It’s kinda funny. Thanks for saving my brain and who knows what else. Thanks for everything.” Cindy Parker

Jo Hertel

  • “Thanks for the encouragement, I can’t begin to say how this stuff has changed me life!” Doug
  • “I used the “stop smoking forever” program and I do not smoke any more cigarettes, straight away. This was 10 days ago, not so long, but i am cured, i just know it! I still listen to the audios which i like a lot. They are special! Ahh i just love them!” Stefan


  • “At the time I was about 280/300lbs, I had no my self-esteem and I was always depressed. Through your program I imagined myself slimming down. Over the past 2 1/2 yrs I have lost over 130lbs, and keep getting slimmer and more fit. Not to mention a million times healthier and happier. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” Devlin
  • Thanks Mr. Spencer, you are the best.  I listen to your audio programs twice a day since the Stress Free process.  POWERFUL.   I have a ton of confidence.” Ken


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